Blogging Buddies

What is life going to be like with Graduation one week away?

Well, first, I applied to the Ed.S. in Educational Technology program at Boise State. I just haven’t had enough of the wonderful teachers and courses. There are some areas that I want to learn more about and I figured “why not get credit too?”

Second, I find it hard to be disciplined and blog now that my courses don’t require me to. I saw a great opportunity to join a Blogging Buddies groups created by the ISTE Ed-Tech Coaches PLN. I am the only Educational Technologist at my school and sometimes it is a very lonely position. I work with a wonderful group of teachers but sometimes I need a fellow Ed-Tech Coach to bounce ideas off of. I need the accountability to bblogging buddieslog that will come from being part of a group who are blogging. I have planned all Spring Semester to begin blogging so that I can share and reflect so now I have to because my Blogging Buddies are watching.

What is Blogging Buddies?  Blogging Buddies were inspired by Jennifer Hogan’s Compelled Blogger TribeBlogging Buddies are designed to be a chance for ed tech coaches (and those tasked with helping teachers integrate technology) to connect, network and learn from other coaches via blogging. Those who have signed up are committed to blog once a month and respond to the posts of others in the group. I am anxiously awaiting the email that will tell me who my blogging buddies are.  

Stay tuned…..there is definitely more to come.


6 thoughts on “Blogging Buddies

  1. Hi Debra! I am Alli, one of your blogging buddies! I am totally with you…hoping the accountability of blogging buddies helps me to keep writing, even when it feels like no one is reading! Can’t wait to learn with you and our group!

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  2. Hi Debra! You’re graduating soon? How exciting about your Boise State application too. What specific areas do you want to learn more about?

    Committed, bouncing ideas, and collaborative reflection…how could this get better? Looking forward to growing alongside you!


  3. Hi Debra, so excited to have you join us on this journey! Congratulations on your master’s and good luck with the beginning of your Ed.S. program. I look forward to learning with and from you!


  4. Thanks for those reflections Debra! I’m just starting as an edtech coach, but I’m sure I’ll feel the isolation as well, especially when not with students every second of the day. Congrats on finishing your master’s! I did my master’s in edtech back in 2008 and loved all of the learning. Your reason of having someone keep you accountable to blogging regularly was a large part of my reason for participating as well. Sometimes it just takes that outside encouragement. Hope we can be of some encouragement and motivation for you as well! Enjoy your graduation!


  5. Hey Debra! I am one of your blogging buddies as well! It is great to have “buddies” checking in on you, as I know it is easy for life to get crazy and for blogging to get pushed to the side. My last month has been just like that. I blinked and wondered where the month went, and realized I had barely posted. I am looking forward to getting encouragement and accountability from all our blogging buddies, and am eager to read what you have to share.


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